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Vampyre Villains vs Steampunk Slayers present: 'Hammer House of Hedonism'

Originally posted by kirlianblue at Vampyre Villains vs Steampunk Slayers present: 'Hammer House of Hedonism'
Hammer House of Hedonism

Vampyre Villains vs Steampunk Slayers & Living On Video present:
'Hammer House of Hedonism'
Presenting on-stage for your entertainments pleasure

The Mysterious Freakshow
Musical Cabaret of the Talented Nigel Osner
Opening Comedy Thesis: Vampires - The Good and Godawful - And a study of their shifting sexuality in popular film and fiction by Dr. Demondaz (Dip Esoc, MoFS)

Also Gentlemanning the Gramophones for the latter hours we have the Living on Video contingent; Chief Inspector Landmine, Great Scott!!, Brigadier Kirlian Blue and Dandy Demondaz who will be playing the very best in Alt 80's tunes until the early hours - with the odd deviation!

Tickets £8 pre purchase and includes FREE entry to Slimes until 07:30 AM afterwards. That's one price for a line-up of bands and performances and entry to two clubs!

Suggested Dress Code: All Sartorial Steampunk and Villainous Vampiric Attire encouraged. Also Vintage Horror, Fantasy and Fetish. Dress to Impress not Depress - Your life may depend on it!

Event Page
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